Adobe Creative Cloud Workstations by Utopia

As Adobe partners, we're experts in knowing what it takes to maximise performance and in turn deliver unprecedented workflow capabilities. No matter what your Adobe application you're using, from After Effects and Premiere Pro to Lightroom and Photoshop, we have all the expertise to deliver the world’s fastest workstation solution directly to you.

Designed for professionals, our Sonox workstation has it all.

Premiere Pro & After Effects

Premiere Pro and After Effects are incredibly versatile applications and while both deal with video, they can take advantage of the power of your workstation in quite different ways. While both perform best on systems with lots of raw CPU power, which is essentially your CPU clock speed multiplied by its cores, they also need plenty of RAM to ensure there is not a bottleneck in delivering performance. The experts at Utopia recommend at least 4GB of RAM per CPU core.

After Effects can take advantage of fast GPU’s for some very specific kinds of processing, however it doesn’t require CUDA cores to get the best performance. This means if you are only using After Effects, big GPUs will not benefit your workflow.

Premier Pro is a totally different beast, it loves the power that modern Nvidia GPUs bring and with the right GPU installed you can boost performance by over 20x more than even a dual Intel Xeon system could ever deliver. When considering what GPU you will need, think about the file sizes you will be working on, as well as the amount of effects that you will be processing.

Photoshop & Lightroom

When editing multiple large photographs, drive speed is essential, which is why we recommend the latest in SSD technology to minimise time spent loading and saving files. When using RAW files, you create a lot of work for your RAM, so opting for as much RAM as your budget allows is the best option. In terms of graphics card, any Quadro card will suit here.

We would only recommend spending money on a higher end quadro card if higher resolutions or multiple monitors are being used. ensure the best performance.

Designed for professionals, our Sonox workstation has it all.
Designed for professionals, our Sonox workstation has it all.

Media Encoder

Create optimized video and add effects even faster with AME. Using its built in queue management system you can offload most of the power hungry encoding jobs to times when you are not using your workstation, allowing you to continue working without interruption. We recommend our Sonox ORI, which can be configured with CPU speeds up to 4.4GHz, and 10 cores for ultimate productivity.

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