HDMI To HDMI Cable - 1.8 metres
- Hi-Xcess high performance HDMI digital cable provides an improved connection for your audio/video equipment. 

- Hi-Xcess quality cable construction provides the highest integrity of signal transfer resulting in a sharp vivid picture with richly detailed sound for an enhanced viewing and listening experience. Accept nothing less.

- Error free digital Audio/Video signal transmission from twisted pair construction

- Lowered resistance from high purity silver soldered internal connections

- Optimised digital performance from high purity stranded oxygen-free copper conductors

- Improved digital signal transfer from precision made gold-plated corrosion-resistant HDMI connectors

- Added flexibility and durability from the high quality outer jacket and heavy duty strain reliefs

- Protected from EMI and RFI noise and interference with dense shielding of copper braiding and overlapped aluminium Mylar foil.