Intel Turbo Boost Technology - Automatic on-demand performance boosting



Although our PROLINE Overclocking service is extremely reliable - If maximum stability is your main goal with your system, then we recommend not overclocking it and sticking to the stock Intel Turbo Boost Technology; which will boost your CPU's clock-speed on-demand. It won't give you the same performance gains as our manual expert-overclocks, but it's the next best thing!

We carry out overclocking at the highest standard, but as with 'turbo-charging' anything, it will naturally make it less stable than keeping it at stock speeds.

Yes. PROLINE Overclock my Workstation for maximum performance



Allow us to unleash the full potential of your CPU by Overclocking it in the safest, most efficient way possible. Our expert technicians have been trained to an extremely high standard to ensure your system is as reliable as possible.

This will greatly increase the performance value of your CPU and will take your system to the next level!