Internal DNA Foam Protection [Utopia recommended]

Protect your valuable Custom PC from any possibility of internal damage in transit with custom-made self-expanding DNA foam.

This expands to perfectly fit the interior of your own unique system. It can also be retained for any future courier-based transportation!

Utopian Military-Grade Transit Armour + Internal DNA Foam Protection [Utopia Exclusive!]




Game changing protection.

In true Utopia fashion, we have been thinking outside the box (pun intended!) and now offer our customers a one-of-a-kind service that no other company in the UK offers!

Accidents or mishandling of items during the shipping process is a harsh truth that in fact, most companies try and avoid telling their customers about.

Here at Utopia we only use the UK's leading logistics partners to ship our systems! However, we are honest and open with our customers about the rare shipping hazards that unfortunately can occur, and this is why we use our exclusive & specially designed wooden 'Transit Armor'; to protect your one-of-a-kind custom built computer during the shipping process.

These can be things such as bad weather, drops, impacts and all other accidents or that can unfortunately occur.

By using our specialised Transit Armor we are doing everything possible to eliminate the chance of any damage being done to your system and making sure that it arrives safely & securely.

If you have any queries regarding our Transit Armor, please feel free to get in touch.