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At first glance 24 hour tech support sounds great. The truth is that it will always disappoint. Any highly qualified technician worth their salt will not be working at 3am on telephone support. The people that do are trying hard but they will often only be reading from scripts and very are unlikely to solve any problems.

At Utopia we believe in quality over quantity, the only people that answer the phones at Utopia are not only highly trained technicians, passionate about their job, but they also have customer service diplomas as standard.

If you are knowledgeable, or even just keen to learn you will be able to build a PC yourself. All going well it will even turn on first time. A trained mechanic can build his own kit car, but is it ever going to be as reliable and refined as a factory built example? Sometimes you want something that is better than a home built PC. Some of our customers have built their own systems in the past only to have got tired of the upkeep, conflicts, troubleshooting, lack of warranty and access to technical support.

At Utopia building PCs isn't a hobby, it's our passion. We hand build the best PCs available in the UK market today, and we are incredibly proud of that. 100s of hours of testing go into the components before they are available in our system configurator. We know that once you get your new Utopia PC home it will be clear that the level of workmanship makes us stand head and shoulders above the competition.

It would be easy to simply list every component currently available in the UK market, giving you 20 memory choices amongst other things. In fact many wholesalers offer feeds that populate websites with 1000s of products without the website owner having to do anything. The problem with this is you become the architect of your own PC. No offence, but we spend 100s of hours working out which combinations of components and brands work best together. We then offer you that range. We have tested every combination of system build available on our website. Something we're sure our competitors can't promise. You don't want to be the guinea pig for your own PC. When you put together a specification of PC using our configurator, you can be assured it has already been tested as a working system.

The difference can be huge. Simply relying on model numbers is not enough when you are looking for a powerful, reliable PC. Utopia only uses components from top brands, we build all our systems with exceptional build quality and care and our work doesn't stop at simply putting together the parts. Once the system is assembled it is tweaked in the BIOS and Windows (when purchased), then we stress test the hell out of it. Pushing it beyond the everyday gaming and application tasks it will see when it's on your desk to ensure you have a computer that will operate without fault.

We have teamed up with technology courier specialists Interlink Express. We can ship PCs to anywhere in mainland UK within 24hours of dispatch. So to answer your question, no we can ship your PC to you just as quickly as a company just down the road from you.

We did indeed have a large range of components available to order and it was a major decision taken by the whole team at Utopia to focus on our Systems. Building PCs is what we love, so we thought to ourselves why do anything else? Our component sales are still available to our local customers in our retail store. Online, we want to move forward as a company who builds the best PCs money can buy.

In one word, no. We believe PCs are built to be modular and to be upgraded. All we ask is you take everyday antistatic precautions and get in touch with us if you are unsure of anything you are planning on changing.