Power, customisation, and craftsmanship on whole new level.

Starting from £3403 or £103.66 per month

A true masterpiece, inside and out.

The Renegade is our flagship liquid cooled powerhouse with a level of detail you won't find anywhere else. Our expert engineers have custom-crafted a bespoke liquid cooled CPU and GPU system to keep everything ultra-cool when maxed out. Couple this with the choice of hand-cut PETG Acrylic or Mirror Chrome Metal tubing, choice of colour on the liquid coolant, LEDs, paint work, right down to the cable colour - the Renegade truly takes custom to a whole new level.

An engineering masterpiece.

With its stunning luxurious aesthetics, hand-crafted liquid cooling system and expert craftsmanship, the Renegade is fully equipped to give you truly incredible performance and reliability that you've never seen before.

When cool just isn't enough.

The Renegade's bespoke liquid cooling system takes cooling and performance to a whole new level. Choose from CPU and/or GPU liquid cooling and max them out with our ProLine overclocking to get blistering performance while keeping everything arctic cool. Our engineers will masterfully hand-cut your choice of PETG Acrylic or Mirror Chrome Metal Hardline to ensure perfect efficiency and maximum sex appeal.

Powerful Intel® Coffee
Lake & Extreme processors.

i5 or i7 processor logos

The Renegade offers lightning-fast speeds and blistering performance with its Intel® Coffee Lake & Intel® Extreme series processors. Choose ProLine Overclocking for maxed out performance.

Up to 3x NVIDIA®
GeForce™ graphics cards

NVIDIA geforce logo

Truly harness the power of the world's fastest graphics technology and configure your Renegade with NVIDIA's Pascal GPUs in either single, 2-way, or crush it and max out at 3-way SLI.

Hand crafted
hardline liquid cooling

The Renegade's internal liquid cooling loop, made from nickel plated metal or PETG acrylic.

Each Renegade cooling loop is individually built with Mirror Chrome Metal or PETG Acrylic Hardline tubing, masterfully hand-cut by our engineers to fit your chosen hardware and configuration.

Superfast and flexible
storage options.

M.2 Image

Choose a mechanical Hard Drive for huge storage capabilities, a Solid State Drive for up to 10x faster loading & render times, or go for the ultimate performance option with M.2 PCI-Express SSDs which are up to 6x faster than standard SSDs.

Endless customisations. Without compromise.

Endless customisations, without compromise. Choose from all the latest hardware, custom paintwork and even the colours of your cabling.

When we say custom, we mean custom. We've hand-picked all the latest, most reliable hardware for you to choose from, as well as the ability to choose details such tubing material, coolant colour, RGB LEDs, and our famous Metallix custom paintwork.

Extreme ProLine
tuning and overclocking

Photo of an engineer overclocking a CPU.

Take performance to the next level and choose our ProLine Overclocking service. Our engineers will safely push the limits of your hardware to its maximum potential, which is made possible by our market-leading liquid cooling and air flow system.

AMD Elite System Builder

We're hand-picked and approved by AMD.

We work in partnership with AMD to bring you unrivalled quality, high-performance and officially approved gaming PCs and professional workstations.

You can be confident your Utopia AMD-powered system is rigorously stress tested for up to 72 hours to ensure maximium performance & reliability.

Renegade specs line drawing

Dimensions & weight

575mm x 231mm x 540mm (LxWxH)
Weighs up to approx. 25Kg

Front connectivity

3 x USB 3.0 Ports
1x USB 3.1 Type C
3.5mm Headphone + Mic ports

Storage options

4 x 2.5/3.5" Drive bays
6 x 2.5" Drive bays
2 x M.2 PCIe Gen3.0 x4

Memory options

Up to 64GB DDR4 3200MHz

Choose your configuration:

Z370 Intel chipset
  • Ideal for Gamers & Streamers
  • CPUs with up to 6 cores
  • Up to 64GB RAM

From £3403 or £103.66 p/month

X299 Intel chipset
  • Ideal for Creatives & Creators
  • CPUs with up to 16 cores
  • Up to 128GB RAM

From £3832 or £116.72 p/month

AMD Ryzen Threadripper chipset
  • Ideal for Creatives & Creators
  • CPUs with up to 32 cores
  • Up to 128GB RAM

From £3563 or £108.52 p/month

3 of Utopias top class engineers, they are really attractive.

The world's longest tech warranty. As standard.

Our systems ship with our famous 10 Years limited warranty as standard. That’s 21 months parts cover, 10 years of free labour and a lifetime of free technical support.

Scotland outline

Expert craftsmanship.
Legendary support.

With the most advanced systems in the world, comes world-class multi-award winning engineering and support from our in-house team of experts in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Close up of one of our bespoke high performance PCs.

Uncompromising quality
and attention to detail.

Our systems are built with only the highest grade, hand-picked components and rigorously stress tested for up to 72 hours to ensure maximium performance & reliability.