Don't worry - We've got your back!

If in the highly unlikely case that something were to go wrong with your Utopia PC or Laptop, don’t worry - we’re here to help put things right. Below is a simple step-by-step guide and all the information you need to be able to return your desktops or laptop safely for repair. Our team of experts will have you back up and running as quickly and hassle-free.

Step 1: Let us know about the problem

If you feel that something is not quite right with your system, get in touch and let us know about the problem. Our expert technical team will help you through some basic troubleshooting, trying to get your system back up and running remotely in the comfort of your home or office. We can fix most faults remotely and quickly over the phone or via email.

You can contact our team by phone on 01563 574280 or by email on support@utopiacomputers.co.uk.

Step 2: Arranging your return and getting your RMA Reference Number

If we haven’t been able to resolve your issues remotely and your system requires our technicians to work on it, then our support team will email with your unique RMA (Return Material Authorisation) reference number. Your system will then be logged using this unique reference number. Please ensure that this number is attached or written clearly on the outer box before it is collected or sent back to us via courier.

Step 3: Packaging & Shipping

We can arrange a collection for your system on your behalf or if you prefer you can send it yourself via an insured courier service or Royal Mail.

Packing your PC or laptop for return:

We strongly recommend sending your system back in its full original packaging. However, if you no longer have this, you must use an appropriately sized, robust cardboard box with plenty of internal packaging, such as bubble wrap, bubble bags or any packing material that will thoroughly protect your system during transit, in the highly unlikely case that it is accidentally dropped or damaged during transit.

Important information regarding packing your system for return (using our collection service):

If you are using our collection service, and in the highly unlikely event of your system being accidentally damaged during transit, Utopia are not responsible for any damage incurred if it is caused by inadequate packaging. When using our collection service, in some cases, the courier has the right to refuse your collection if they feel that the packaging is insufficient. The courier is not required to fully check this however, so please personally ensure that the package is sealed securely and the internal packaging will protect your system as best as possible.

In the event of your system being collected without any concerns from the courier: If we receive it without adequate packaging (as detailed above) or with very little or no internal packing, and we feel that your system could have been damaged in transit due to this, you will be billed the sum of £45.00 inc VAT for new, secure packaging. You will be made aware of any charges before we take payment.

If you are arranging collection yourself:

You are solely responsible for ensuring all of the above packaging requirements and insurance. Repackaging fees will still be charged as detailed above if your packaging is inadequate.

Step 4: Diganostics & Repairs

After we have received your system we will fully diagnose and test it to find out the exact problem. From there, we will get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Remember, with any of our custom systems you also get our exclusive 10 years labour warranty, so if it is a hardware manufacturing fault or failure, the labour fee will be completely free of charge.*

* Please note: Labour fees will only be waived on repairs that are deemed a hardware manufacturing fault. We will charge a fixed labour fee of £49.99 inc. VAT if it is found to be a software fault, eg. Viruses, spyware, malware, driver problems or any other user-induced software fault. Delivery fees still apply (where applicable).

Step 5: Payment and return shipping

After your repair is complete, your assigned engineer will call you to arrange payment for any parts, labour or services if required during the repair process. We will let you know about these charges and request your go ahead before completing the repair, so you won’t be hit with a surprise bill at the end of the process.

Step 6: Happy you!